MFEX People


MFEX is a global fund platform with clients in 51 countries on 5 continents and fund companies from 40 legal domiciles. We serve our clients and partnering fund companies in Swedish, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese from our offices in Stockholm, Paris, Geneva and Singapore.

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Philippe Quiles

Head of Rebate collection Client Service

Christopher Dean

Senior Relationship Manager

Catherine Le Frious

Senior Relationship Manager

Nicolina Rosendal

On maternity leave

Kristoffer Haake

Head of Client Relations

Greger Linderoth

Junior Client Relationship Manager

Hanne Holmertz

Client Relationship Manager

Jannika Waldenström

Senior Relationship Manager

Mathieu Duchene

Senior Relationship Manager

Amy Ong

Client Relationship Manager


Olivier Haguenauer

Global Head of Sales

Pierre-Eric Patricola

Sales (Southern Europe, Latam)

Raphaël Simon

Sales (FR, Benelux)

Sebastien Schweblin 

Sales (MFEX Suisse SA)

Steffen Ahlers

Sales (Asia, DE, AT)

Yong Sheng Aw

Sales (Asia)

Fredric Andersén

Sales (Nordics)

Per Strandberg

Sales (Nordics)

Luca Lombardi 

Sales (Italy)


Dorine Kalfon

Head of Fund Company Relationships

Niclas Heimer

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Gérard Vallet

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Oléna Serdyuk

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Per Strandberg

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Valentina Petrucci

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Sebastien Schweblin

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Yong Sheng Aw

Fund Company Relationship Manager

Benjamin Chong

Fund Company Relationship Manager


Olivier Huby

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Anthone Dart

General Counsel

Bo-Lennart Eskilsson

Chief Security Officer

Lena Stenberg Domeij

Head of Group compliance

Oliver Lagerström

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Marina Corghenci

Product manager Fund Datas

Kristian Gylling

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Stevenson

Product Manager Trading & Custody

Carl Palmér

Head of Product 

Jacob Hamacher



Oliver Lagerström

Board Member

Prior to founding MFEX in 1999, Oliver spent nine years with Svenska Handelsbanken working at the investment banking and the mutual fund division of the bank. Oliver has a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Stockholm.
In addition to MFEX AB, Oliver is also a board member of
Fondab AB and Facilia AB

David Samuelson

Board Member

Joined Nordic Capital in January 2010. David has served on the boards of seven Nordic Capital portfolio companies. Before joining, he worked as a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company in Stockholm (2006-2009).  David holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics and ESADE in Barcelona, Spain.

Christian Frick

Board Member

Born in 1976, Christian Frick is a Board member in MFEX since 2018. He is a Partner at NC Advisory AB, advisor to Nordic Capital Funds, and a Board member in among others Resurs Holding AB, NNB Intressenter AB and Nordnet

Adrian Von Hammerstein

Chair of the board 

Adrian is the chair of the board since 2018.

Dr. Adrian von Hammerstein served as the Advisory Board Member at Digitalplus GmbH, also a member of Supervisory Board of MSG Systems AG, in Vodafone GmbH and in Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

Richard Riboe

Board Member

Joined Nordic Capital in August 2015. Richard holds an MSc in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics. From 2013 to 2015, he worked in the Principal Investment Area at Goldman Sachs in London.


Olivier Huby

Board Member

Olivier joined MFEX in 2002 and is co-CEO of the company. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry with industry leaders such as Paribas Asset Management and AXA Investment Managers.