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2013-07-01 | MFEX latest newsletter
We are pleased to inform you that 9 fund companies have been added to the MFEX platform: Wells Fargo, Russel Investments, Invest AD, Alceda, Amilton, Eurobank, FMG, Gemway Assets, JRS Asset Management and Laffitte Capital.

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2012-10-24 | Evli Fonder AB transfers customers to MFEX’s subsidiary Fondab AB.
Through an acquisition made by Fondab, Evli Fonder AB in Sweden will transfer its retail customers and administration to MFEX’s retail platform Fondab AB ( The agreement means that Fondab takes over the administration of up to 5,500 retail customers and handles all fund services such as advisory, fund transactions and reporting for these customers. Evli Fonder AB will in future concentrate on institutional investors in Sweden.

2012-09-22 | Article in Privata Affärer
Evaluating the retail fund supermarkets in Sweden. The independent, as well as the bank related, fund supermarkets have become crucial for retail investors. The fund supermarkets have been very important in order to enhance the interest and simplify fund savings over the past decade, says Oliver Lagerström Co-CEO of MFEX, that offers fund distributors and banks with the infrastructure for trading third party funds.

2012-05-28 | MFEX signed a new client
We are pleased to say that MFEX signed a new client, Netfonds. Netfonds was founded 1998, is based in Oslo and is a Norwegian online bank.

2012-05-21 | Article in Dagens Nyheter
Record number of transfers in Swedish retail market
As a consequence of the open architecture, and support by fund platforms, the number of transfers has reached historical highs. “Two bank’s recently adopted the new automated solution and we hope and trust that all major banks will connect to the automated system, says MFEX's Oliver Lagerström”

2012-05-28 | MFEX signed a new client
We are pleased to say that MFEX signed a new client, Quesada Asset Management. Quesada is since 2006 owned by EFG Bank.

2012-02-10 | MFEX signed a new client
We are pleased to say that MFEX signed a new client, Olympia Capital. The Olympia Group, founded in 1989 in Paris, a pioneer in alternative investments, offers a range of financial products.

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